Couple finds romance during pandemic by meeting online

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ) – The pandemic has put a monkey wrench in the dating scene for a lot of people.

However, according to one couple, they’ve worked around the social distancing and shut downs and started their relationship with a friend request.

Kevin Napier and Amanda Atwood starting dating in a way that has become the new norm for lots of couples, online.

It was through Facebook that they met through mutual friends.

It wasn’t long before the two became inseparable and then started dating at the start of the pandemic.

But Napier says sparks didn’t fly until Amanda met the other love of his life..His daughter.

“That was the main priority..Pandemic or not..If they didn’t click I would’ve been like see ya,” says Napier.

According to a publication by institute for Family Studies, meeting online has become more popular over the last decade.

The graph provided by the website shows that online dating has skyrocketed over the last ten years with other methods like meeting at work or through friends dwindling.

Kevin believes that it’s more comfortable to break the ice this way behind a screen and then meet up.

“It feels like it’s more frowned upon to meet in person because women don’t like to be catcalled,” explains Napier.

Atwood believes the world of social media has encouraged this way of dating…pre-pandemic…with websites allowing you to Facetime the person you meet online before you meet up.

“With my generation, we are all on Instagram and twitter so I think it’s more socially acceptable with our generation to not know the person in real life before you meet,” explains Atwood.

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