Boyle County will ‘compost’ dead animals

BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ/ADVOCATE-MESSENGER) — A meeting room filled with farmers and others Tuesday convinced skeptical Boyle County magistrates to join an effort to compost large dead animals, according to the Advocate-Messenger newspaper.

Under the agreement approved by the Boyle County Fiscal Court, the Soil Conservation District will pay the county $70,000 a year to compost animals at the Perryville Convenience Center on Harrodsburg Road north of Perryville, the newspaper reported.

The money will pay an employee to pick up dead animals ate farms, get materials to cover the animals and other expenses.

The composting, as unpleasant as it sounds, was the cheapest and most efficient of four options, the newspaper said.

Those options included hiring an outside company or hauling animals to a landfill in Lincoln County.

Bluegrass Recuycling, the company that had been paid $23 per animal by the Conservation Service for years to handle animal removal, went out of nbusiness in January, the newspaper reported.

Other companies wanted $80 or more an animal.

According to the newspaper, the county will replace a metal garage, stone building and utility pole at the Perryville Convenience Center with a 150-foot-by-125-foot concrete pad and a small berm along the edge of the property.

Dead animals would be placed on top of two feet of mulch and underneath another 2 feet of mulch on the concrete pad. Most will decompose within eight weeks, magistrates were told, according to the newspaper.

Odor would be “almost unnoticeable,” the board was told.

The Soil Conservation District paid for removal of 1,900 dead farm animals last year, as well as 300 dead animals from the local animal shelter.

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