Country artist’s gift of music helps heal children

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A country artist from Eastern Kentucky is giving back to children with acute and chronic illnesses.

Eastern Kentucky native Tyler Stephens understands what it’s like to be in and out of the hospital at a young age. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and epilepsy when he was seven-years-old.

But Stephens channeled the healing power of music to help him through everything. Now, he wants to spread that to children in similar situations.

“The most rewarding part to me is when you see the difference that music makes in that child’s life and they’re leaving that day with a smile on their face,” said Stephens. “It took them away from the barrier of their diagnosis for a moment, hopefully a lifetime, through music.”

Stephens started ‘Strings for Kids’ to give guitars to children. He says this will encourage them to chase their dreams.

The first guitar he gave was to Grace Anna of Liberty. Grace Anna has a rare form of dwarfism affecting her spine. They formed an instant connection and that resulted in a musical collaboration that’s now available on all music platforms.

“Music to me, every time I listen to a certain song, there’s always something in that that just makes me want to [cheer],” said Grace Anna.

Madison Ramage has also experienced how much music can help during hard times. She’s at Shriners for help with her feet and through the doctors’ help, surgeries and the power of music, she can see a bright future ahead.

“Some songs have messages that you can – you just read the lyrics and it just has a message,” said Ramage. “And it’s helped me push through and want to keep going and not want to give up instead of just – it’s like, ‘Stop playing softball?’ Music’s kept me where I want to just keep going and keep being a fighter.”

One thing is clear; to these musicians, music can hit the right notes to get you through anything and help your light shine.

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