Council members to vote on new resolution regarding Spectrum Cable

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington is continuing its battle with Spectrum cable.

Council members will vote on a new resolution Thursday to give the company a 30 day deadline to fix certain issues or face daily fines.

Government officials tell ABC 36 they’ve seen an increase in complaints over their cable service since Spectrum took over the market earlier this year.

Now those officials are taking action, calling on the company to clean up their act or face serious penalties.

In the few months since Spectrum replaced Time Warner as Lexington’s cable provider, city officials say they’ve been inundated with phone calls, emails and letters complaining about the company’s service.

Officials say the complaints mainly accuse Spectrum of over charging and poor customer service.

The city has been working to resolve these problems since the summer and is now taking the next step looking to pass a resolution demanding Spectrum fix these specific issues in the next 30 days.

If Spectrum does not meet the 30-day deadline, city officials say they will face fines of five hundred dollars per day.

In a statement sent to ABC 36, a spokesperson for Spectrum wrote, “We continue to work with the city and directly with our customers on their questions about the transition to spectrum. As we move forward… More and more customers are benefiting from our customer-friendly policies including no data-caps, modem fees or service contracts.”

Council members say while it can be hard to fight such a massive company like Spectrum they are confident change will occur.

The council will vote on this resolution during its meeting Thursday night. If passed the 30 day response period begins immediately.

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