Could KY Be Smoke-Free in 2015?

Lexington has an indoor, public smoking ban.
Will 2015 be the year it happens statewide?
People rallying for a smoke-free Kentucky gathered in Lexington.
They hope lawmakers finally pass a statewide, smoke-free workplace law and protect workers from secondhand smoke.
“People that want to smoke, I have no problem with them smoking, if they want to smoke that’s fine but please don’t do it where someone else has to breath,” said Roger Cline, his wife died of lung cancer which was likely caused by secondhand smoke.
“You have a choice of where you can smoke or where you don’t smoke. I don’t have a choice as to where I breathe. Breathing is essential to life and if we’re in a work environment we shouldn’t have to choose between our paycheck and breathing,” said Ed Shemelya, who contracted a tumor in his throat likely from secondhand smoke.
Smoke-free laws have already been passed in 23 Kentucky communities.
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