How President Trump’s health could impact the election

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Although it’s still early and we don’t know how President Trump’s immune system will react to the coronavirus, there are many questions and not enough answers.

We spoke with ABC 36 News’ political analyst, Stephen Voss, an associate professor of political science at the University of Kentucky, about how the president’s health and political situation could impact people in Kentucky.

He says it’s hard to say, but it could possibly impact our options come Election Day.

Voss says either way, Democrats will use this situation as ammo in their campaign.

“To have Trump test positive for COVID-19 puts Republican candidates across the country in a tough position. They have indirectly tied to his confident swagger and now the figurehead of the party ended up catching it and it’s going to allow Democratic opponents all across the country to use ammunition against their Republican opponents,” Voss said. “Look, your party mishandled it, even your top guy with all his medical care and all his frequent testing ended up being exposed and testing positively. Clearly, we’re the party that needs to be put in charge of this pandemic.”

Voss says presidential campaigns can typically take a lot out of candidates by the end of the season.

He says in the past, they tended to get sick because of the exhaustion on their bodies.

Voss explains how this year could be a little different, because of the coronavirus, we aren’t seeing as many physical appearances because of the health restrictions.


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