Coronavirus impacts weddings; Couple considers postponing wedding

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Wedding venues, dress shops, and photographers are taking a big financial hit as social distancing rules force many brides and grooms to cancel or postpone their weddings.

Caroline Ingrassia and Brad Sacca have been planning their wedding for more than a year. Their wedding date is in May.

The couple invited around 300 people to celebrate with them.

“We’re in the final 60 days and we don’t even know if we’re going to have it,” said Caroline Ingrassia, Bride.

It’s been Ingrassia’s dream to have a black tie wedding. The couple has paid lots of money to book vendors for their specific day and the virus could cause a lot of problems.

“The worst part is you put down deposits for your vendors and a lot of times they won’t give you your deposits back, so if you’re doing a new day you have to pick a day all the vendors are going to be available,” said Ingrassia.

Ingrassia and her fiancé haven’t decided yet whether to cancel the wedding. She says they’ll make the final decision when it’s a month away.

If they do have to cancel, she says they’ll still get married with a small group of people and have a celebration most likely a year later when they can book a venue.

“The only important part of the day is vowing to spend forever with your significant other,” said Ingrassia.

It isn’t just the couples suffering during this time, businesses are too.

The co-owner of The White Dress of Lexington says about 45 appointments have been cancelled in the last two weeks and she expects there to be even more as time goes on.

The co-owner says this is the time fall brides are shopping.

“I mean the fall brides aren’t really getting to see the new things as they come out, they’re not getting to try things on. It’s just hard not to have a personal connection with your customers when you’re used to it everyday,” said Julia Reese, Co-Owner.

The co-owner says brides can still pick up their dresses if they’ve ordered it.


Photo: Caroline Ingrassia

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