Conversation on race, BLM and the general election with Kentucky’s only black female legislator

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – It’s evident racial justice and equality is on the forefront of many voter’s minds, especially in Kentucky.

ABC 36’s Monica Harkins talked with Kentucky’s only female black legislator about how the black lives matter movement has impacted this election year.

“Yes, racial justice is on the ballot,” Rep. Attica Scott, D-Louisville, said.

Scott has been active in Louisville protests calling for justice for Breonna Taylor.

Scott says demonstrators she’s talked to are doing more than chanting in the streets.

“I also believe that as we’re seeing right now people are turning protests into advocacy for public policy,” Rep. Scott said.

Back in the primary, Kentucky Representative Charles Booker, D-Louisville, honed in on that joining protesters on the ground calling protests an uprising.

“I truly believe that Representative Booker’s campaign during the primary help to get us where we are today he really pushed every candidate who was on the ballot for the senate seat to represent Kentucky in D.C., to think about what does it mean to show up for racial justice,” Scott said.

“What does it mean to center black lives? What does it mean to have a racial justice agenda? And so, even though he’s not on the ballot that influence is still felt, it’s still clear that we’re still pushing and asking what’s your agenda,” she continued.

Scott saying while neither candidate on this ballot, Amy McGrath nor Senator Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., matched Booker’s commitment to racial justice, whoever wins will be held accountable.

Representative Scott says she’s not ignoring her heart and her values this election.

“My vision is for a better country for all of us,” Scott said. “I want to see another united states I want to see another Kentucky. I want to see another Lexington and Louisville, and that’s only going to happen when we get people in office who care about all of our humanity,” Scott said.

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