Congressional candidate arrested at town forum

CARLISLE, Ky. (WTVQ)- A candidate for the sixth congressional district spent the night in jail last night after police say he disrupted a candidate forum in Carlisle.

Edmund Taylor says he was at Thursday night’s mayoral and coroners candidate forum in Carlisle when James Germalic, an independent candidate for the sixth congressional district, walked in.

“The gentleman came in carrying this big sign or picture or artwork or something,” said Taylor.

According to Taylor, Germalic was carrying a large graphic picture of an aborted fetus.

Taylor says Germalic didn’t know the date for the congressional candidate forum had switched so the moderator instead gave Germalic ten minutes to talk on the condition he didn’t bring that photo up with him because the other candidates didn’t have visual aids during their forum.

“It began to go down hill at that point,” said Taylor.

In the video you can see police officers escorting Germalic out of the room as he continues to yell at the moderator.

Germalic was charged with second degree disorderly conduct and booked into the Bourbon County Detention Center.

“I thought that it was a bad thing that was handled very well. About as well as it could be,” said Taylor.

But Germalic says he should have had the right to show that picture.

“But see there’s people in the crowd who maybe their wife got an abortion or what. One guy took my sign outside and I said wait a minute I want that sign in here and he said no no be quiet just wait til it’s over. So I did. So when it was over I said I want my sign up here. He said no you can’t have your sign up here and I looked at the people and I said look if you’re afraid of babies leave,” said Germalic.

Germalic bailed out of jail Friday afternoon.

He faces frontrunners, incumbent republican Andy Barr and democratic candidate Amy McGrath in November 6th’s election.

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