Commute times in Kentucky’ 2 largest cities rank lower than US average

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – Commuters in Kentucky’s two largest cities spend less time on their way to work than people across much of the country, and most are driving alone.

In Louisville, the typical travel time to work is about 23 minutes, according to a nationwide analysis by The Associated Press. In Lexington, the state’s second-largest city, the typical commute takes 20.9 minutes. The national average commute time is 25.8 minutes.

The data shows that most of those commuters are driving alone.

In Louisville, 84 percent of commuters make solo trips to work. Another 8 percent carpool, and a just a fraction of workers use public transit.

Solo drivers make up 79 percent of workers making the commute in Lexington. Another 10 percent carpool and a fraction use public transit.

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