Community shaken after three armed robberies in five days

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- It’s a street where kids play, commuters head off to work by car or by foot; one families call home. Recently though, Codell Drive has earned a reputation.

"It’s been going up gradually since I’ve moved in and it’s getting rougher," said one man who’s lived on the street for three years.

Three armed robberies in five nights have neighbors questioning their safety.

"I just think it’s ridiculous how bad it’s getting out here," said one. Another added, "It’s normal. I mean, it’s come to the point where that’s normal. That’s what you expect."

The most recent robbery ended in a shooting. Police say it was around 1:30 Wednesday morning when a man, refusing to give up his wallet to four suspects was shot. Officers say he’ll be okay.

Before that, officers were investigating the similarities between two armed robberies within hours of each other late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

"Just want to see the violence stop. There’s too much in the world today and they just need to stop. Use that energy for something good, something more positive to uplift the community. It’s ridiculous, there’s no need for it."

Lexington Police say in response to the recent crimes, they’ve increased patrols. They also add, year to date, excluding April, violent crimes are down compared to 2014.

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