Community reacts to Gov. Beshear’s mask recommendations

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Following Governor Beshear’s recommendations to require students and staff to wear masks inside school buildings this fall…many school districts are considering their options.

Fayette County, the state’s second largest school system…is reviewing the recommendations…telling ABC 36 news the district is awaiting direction from the Kentucky Department of Education on whether it can provide instruction to students placed in quarantine. Fayette County Schools Lisa Deffendall provided the following statement.

“With less than four days on the job Superintendent Liggins has made preparations for back to school his top priority. District leaders are working diligently on comprehensive health and safety guidelines for our families that extend far beyond masks and quarantines. The guidance documents issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, American Association of Pediatrics, Kentucky Department for Public Health, Kentucky Department of Education, and Governor call for layers of prevention strategies to ensure our students are able to fully engage in on-campus learning. There are a lot of moving parts, and we are still awaiting direction from the Kentucky Department of Education about whether we are allowed to provide instruction to students placed on quarantine. As soon as the health and safety procedures are complete, they will be shared with families.”

Some students, like the Joseph twins, don’t want to wear masks.

“Because I don’t like masks and I want to go in school without wearing a mask and not being six feet apart again” said Kamyli Joseph.

Recalling what it was like wearing them after returning to the classroom last school year.

“That it was going to be fun being in school, but it was pretty hard to breathe wearing a mask” said Kaeden Joseph.

And, if masks are required?

“Well, I don’t really want to but if I have to I will” said Kamyli.

“Yeah, the same goes for me” added Kaeden.

Though all students may not want to wear masks again, some people agreed with the governor’s recommendations.

“We’re all about the science so, if the science says, CDC says, then it wouldn’t surprise me at all. I think Andy Beshear’s taken the lead on being conservative and very effective looking out for the safety of Kentuckians so I think it’s great” said Lexington resident, Steve Burke.

“They’ve always caught one another’s germs and COVID is no exception” added Rhonda Burke.

But, are unsure if all of Kentucky’s schools will choose to mandate mask wearing inside.

“Unfortunately, the higher amount of unvaccinated people in a county is probably going to raise the likelihood that they will not mandate mask wearing” said Rhonda.

And as school boards move forward with their decisions…Governor Beshear says he has not taken a mask mandate off the table if infection rates get worse.

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