Community provides comfort from afar to grieving family

ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – It’s been seven months since the Hurst family tragically lost their daughter, Jill, in a car crash.

Last week, her tombstone finally arrived.

What was planned to be a large gathering with family and friends, quickly changed because of the coronavirus.

“It was sad that we didn’t have our family and friends with us,” says Jill’s mother, Christy Jane Hurst.

So, on Tuesday, Hurst, posted in a popular Facebook group, asking people to come visit her daughter’s grave one at a time and post pictures while there.

The response was overwhelming, and not just from family and friends, but even total strangers came to pay their respects. They left encouraging messages, flowers and more.

Still dealing with her own sudden and heavy loss, Hurst says her heart goes out to those who are losing loved ones during this pandemic and can’t even visit them.

“You know, I thought a thousand times over what if this happened during the coronavirus, you know, Jill being in this car accident,” Hurst says. “It would have been lonely and hard.”

Hurst says her daughter wouldn’t be the biggest fan of the new normal, but, despite the restrictions, she would have made an impact on those who knew her.

“Jill was a good friend to everybody,” says Hurst. “She wouldn’t have liked the social distancing. She liked having her friends over and going places, but she had the best heart. And, there’s not a doubt in my mind that if she were here, she would have used what she had to do good things for other people.”

Hurst says it’s important for people to still show love and support during this time, even if it’s from a distance.


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