Community members frustrated, uncertain of immigration raids

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – As talk about Immigration and Customs Enforcement and possible raids across the country continues, Lexington’s community members are no different.

Tara Hernandez lives and works in one Lexington’s primarily Hispanic communities.

She said you can tell a difference in her neighborhood, since all the talk about immigration raids.

“The community is a lot quieter than normal,” she said.

Hernandez said as a mother, immigration in her eyes, does the most harm to families.

“People are hardworking people, they’re not bothering anybody, they’re not committing crimes, not the majority,” she said. “It’s kind of ridiculous to me, because you’re breaking up family.”

Dominique Olbert is a spokesperson for Community Response Coalition. It is an organization that helps people impacted by deportation.

She said immigrants in Lexington are in fear of the unknown.

“We get one message uniformly, people are terrified, they don’t know what to expect,” Olbert said. “It’s always up and down, there’s no certainty.”

Hernandez said everyone needs to remember America was built on diversity.

“Nobody is a native here, really,” she said.


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