‘Community Fridge Project’ in Richmond gets new fridge after 1st one was stolen

RICHMOND, Ky. (ABC 36) – Even though it’s not Christmas…the Grinch still came out to play.

“We had a problem that we hadn’t anticipated but perhaps should have…the fridge was stolen” said Madelyn McDonald, Co-organizer of the Richmond Community Fridge Project.

There one minute…gone the next…stolen only three days after Madelyn McDonald and her fiancé David set up what was going to be a community fridge in Richmond.

“For a couple months now, my fiancé David and I, were thinking of a way to give back to the community, especially during this time where people are experiencing obviously sickness, and food instability, and financial issues. So, we wanted to provide a way where people who would usually go to food banks could access perishable food, ready-made meals, some of the things food banks aren’t always able to offer” said McDonald.

The community fridge project is in partnership with Craft Restaurant, where the fridge was located on the side of the building.

McDonald says they checked with the City and trash services to see if it was accidentally taken to a trash site…but no luck.

“We started trouble shooting and figuring out a solution immediately” said McDonald.

“I hope whoever took it either needed it or needed what they could get from it to help their family” added Ashley Gallaher, Owner of Craft.

They’re not interested in catching them…just helping others.

And this isn’t just another sad story, when Gallaher posted to social media about the stolen fridge…support and donations started to pour in which helped them get a new fridge.

“It really blew us away and it made us realize immediately what a community initiative this would be” said McDonald.

She says the project is still working out some kinks with the local health department, and that the fridge in a secure location for the meantime. But she says that it should be operational in the near future.

They are looking for volunteers for food donations, cleaning of the fridge, as well as artists that would be interested in creating a design to go on the fridge.

They do have a Venmo account set up for monetary donations, @richmondcommunityfridge.

You can also email them at richmondcommunityfridge@gmail.com if you want to volunteer.

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