Community encouraged to lead conversations about city planning

Lexington's 'On the Table' encourages community conversations about the city.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton is working with CivicLex to open conversations about what changes should be around the city. The program being dubbed ‘On the Table’, where the city says it wants community members to bring forward any ideas or suggestions for change.

Mayor Gorton encourages all Lexingtonians to start a conversation about the city with family, friends and coworkers. According to the city, ‘On the Table’ is part of the 2023 Comprehensive Plan, focusing on long-range city planning.

“We’re also focusing on sort of a nontraditional outreach strategy,” says Richard Young, executive director of CivicLex. “We’re going to be setting up in grocery stores and big box stores in the lobbies to make sure people who might not typically be part of these types of conversations are at the table.”

The city’s ‘tables’ will be spread all over town April 10-16. If you’d like to host a table or register for an existing one, click the link HERE.

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