Comer concedes, reaction pours in from all political parties

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)-  It’s republican Matt Bevin versus democrat Jack Conway, in November.

That’s after results from Thursday’s recanvass didn’t alter Bevin’s 83-vote lead over James Comer from last week’s republican primary. As result of that, James Comer conceded.

And word sure does travel fast. It might’ve taken awhile for Bevin to officially win the primary but it didn’t take any time at all for supporters and opponents to chime in with their takes.

Ten days ago, voters were expecting to know who the republican candidate for governor was within hours of casting ballots.

This morning, using social media,Comer let his supporters know about his concession to Bevin after his requested recanvass, changed nothing. He also praised and endorsed him.

As the official primary winner, Bevin praised the recanvassing process.

"The process, the professionalism, the diplomacy, the discretion, the respect was outstanding," he said in a meeting with media, Friday morning.

It didn’t take long for reaction to start pouring in. In a written statement, democratic candidate Jack Conway welcomed Bevin to the race, saying in part, "I look forward to a spirited race with my opponent and conversation with voters over the next five months about the issues that matter most to Kentucky families."

Conway’s backers were slightly less cordial. A trip to offers scathing commentary on the candidate, describing him as "self-serving" and referring to him as "Bevinocchio."

As he addressed questions from the media, Bevin readily shook off the attacks.

"oh, shocker, trust me, trust me, I’m sure you’ll see more of them. So be it. Again, look at the silliness of it."

The Republican Governor’s Association expressed it’s support of Bevin as well. The Secretary of State’s office says there will be a certification of the candidates on June 8th.

Bevin is running with Jenean Hampton while Conway is joined by Sannie Overly. Independents Drew Curtis and running mate Heather Curtis will also be running in the election.

Also, another Independent, Gatewood Galbraith, formerly named Terrill Newman is running with Elizabeth Anderson. This Galbraith changed his name to reflect that of the long-time perennial candidate.

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