Combat veteran, veterans group leader gives perspective on Iran

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) — A veterans’ group in Kentucky is ready to support our troops and their families during the Iran situation.

The organization’s leader is an Iraq war combat veteran whose been there and done that.

There’s no denying tensions have been high since a U.S. airstrike killed a top Iranian general. Then, Iran in response launched missiles at two military bases housing U.S. troops in Iraq.

“There’s a lot of fear,” says the Veteran’s Club president, Jeremy Harrell.

The club is a nationally-recognized support organization with more than 3,000 members. President Jeremy Harrell wants to help people navigate through what they’re feeling.

“The issues that we’re having in Iran, people are wanting to know ‘Hey Jeremy, what’s this gonna look like for my brother, or my son, or my husband, or my wife?”, says Harrell.

Thousands of U.S. troops have deployed to the middle east.

“The folks that are left back here, if their loved one gets deployed we’re gonna take care of em,” says Harrell.

As an Iraq combat veteran, he’s been there.

“We fight for what’s behind us not what’s in front of us,” says Harrell.

He knows first hand the concern and reality of the situation for the troops.

“From my experience in serving and the folks that I work with every single day, they understand the sacrifice. They understand the danger and they wanna do it so nobody else has to,” says Harrell.

He says he’s had veterans reaching out to him wanting to come out of retirement, to re-enlist.

“That’s what’s so cool about America. That’s what’s so great about our military is that our oath doesn’t ever expire,” says Harrell.

He also addresses the growing speculation of reinstating the draft.

“The United States is not gonna target your son who just got out of high school. There’s so many people that go everyday that want to join. There’s people that are signing up right now as we speak to go join,” says Harrell.

We reported on a scam where people are receiving texts telling them they’ve been drafted and will be deployed to Iran.

Don’t fall for it.

A draft can’t happen unless Congress reinstates it and the president signs-off on it.

Meantime, Harrell wants the Veteran’s Club to be a family for those affected by all this.

“If we have to add programs or we have to adapt or create some new ones to help folks through this, we will,” says Harrell.

To learn more about the Veteran’s Club, click here.

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