‘Colored water’ prompts boil water advisory for Livingston

City, water provider can't trace source of coloration

LIVINGSTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Boil Water Advisory  is in effect for the entire Livingston Municipal Water Works.

The advisory is being issued due to the colored water passing through the system, according to Water Superintendent Bryan Mahaffey. Livingston Municipal Water Works made the decision to issue an advisory until more is known about what is causing the colored water.

“Currently, the state Division of Water does not feel that a Boil Water Advisory is necessary. We at Livingston Municipal Water Works are working to protect our customers as much as we can, until this is figured out. We have continued to flush lines, to stay in regular contact with the Division of Water, and try to work with Wood Creek Water District from whom we buy our water,” Mahaffey explained in a release.

“This color has spread through our water system for the past few days, and we have done everything required of us to figure out and to flush it out. We are taking extra precaution by issuing this Boil Water Advisory. We purchase all water from a neighboring system and are working with them to figure out where this is coming from,: Mahaffey reiterated.

The district has sampled the water and is awaiting results. Until then, the advisory will remain in effect, he noted.

The utility advises customers to use bottled water to drink or cook with or bring all water used, for drinking and cooking, to a rolling boil for at least three minutes before using.

The advisory will remain in effect until the situation has been corrected and test results show the water is clear of biological contamination and is safe for consumption. Customers should flush household pipes/faucets, home automatic icemakers, water fountains, etc.

For information concerning the Boil Water Advisory (BWA) contact Livingston Municipal Water Works at 606-453-2061 or contact Bryan Mahaffey at 606-308-7708.

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