Cold weather saves a man’s life, doctors find blockage after checkup

Doctors discover serious blockage in man's heart after he comes in for a checkup


LONDON, Ky. (WTVQ) – 50 year old John Adams from London, found out that he had a problem with his breathing while out in the cold weather.

“The cold weather was taking my breath and I had never ever had any problem going outside and not been able to breathe,” explains Adams.

During a checkup doctors discovered that Adams had a complete blockage of his widow maker artery and was told five months prior that he had a heart attack.

“I was having a little pinch in my chest every now and then and I was just thinking that I had gas problems,” says Adams.

According to doctors, it’s easy for blockages to go unnoticed.

“If you’re sitting on the couch you could do that for a long time..Without noticing that the blockage is there but…The cold air causes shunting of blood and it changes how hard your heart is pumping,” explains Dr. George Dimeling, a cardiac surgeon at CHI Saint Joseph Medical group in Lexington.

“The heart can sort of recanulate it can develop sort of collateral but if it happens acutely, you can die,” explains Dr. Dimeling.

Dr. Dimeling performed Adams’ surgery successfully. Since recovering, Adams says he learned an important lesson.

“A person really should get checked out no matter what you’re feeling because it could turn into something traumatic,” says Adams.

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