Coffee with cops in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Once again police in Lexington are getting to know the people they serve.

“Coffee with Cops” was hosted at Bicycle Face on East Short Street Wednesday afternoon.

Police officers have been cycling in to one of Lexington’s newest business to have coffee with the community, and because it’s summer, there was more orange juice and water than coffee.

The East End Community Development Center started “Coffee with Cops” earlier this year to make people feel more comfortable with law enforcement, and to encourage more effective community policing.

“There is just a real fear of police, a real distrust, and I think if you could meet somebody on their level, just one person to another. It kind of changes that perception.”

Officer Howard Florence says he is excited to hear what the community has to ask.

“Often times, the only time people interact with police officers, is when something bad has happened to them or maybe an officer has had to talk to them about something they have observed. This is a good relaxed way just to get people to understand that we all want what’s best for the city and for the community and that is what we are here to do.”

“This way people can meet police in a very casual setting, they can get to know them as the people that they are, plus the police can get to know some of the citizens.”

“I mean I think having this all over the city would be a great thing.”

There have been four coffee with cops so far this summer, but the department says they hope to have more soon.

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