Anti-cockfighting group starts ad campaign to pressure law enforcement

 LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Two animal protection groups that have gone after cockfighting for the last two years are using advertising to try to raise public pressure to force law enforcement to act.

Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) and the Humane Farming Association (HFA) are partnering with Kentuckians to expose illegal cockfighting operations by purchasing ads in major newspapers in the state.

Titled, “COCKFIGHTING IS DESTROYING KENTUCKY COMMUNITIES”, the hard-hitting ads detail a variety of issues the groups say are tied to cockfighting, “such as animal cruelty, drug dealing, illegal firearms, organized crime and rampant illegal gambling.”

The ad also points out alleged protection cockfighting pits have received from the Kentucky State Police, which the groups have notified several times of cockfights with no action taken. In addition, the group has pointed out alleged local law enforcement involvement, such as two Clay County deputies who were caught on video at one cockfight and a Laurel County Sheriff’s employee also has made social media posts suggesting involvement in cockfighting, the groups said.

“The 4th of July weekend is the biggest weekend of the year for the cockfighting mafia,” states SHARK President Steve Hindi. “That’s why we will be in state this weekend, patrolling a number of cockfights that we believe will be open and violating the law. It is our hope to bust -up their big weekend, saving thousands of lives and costing these criminal enterprises hundreds of thousands of dollars in illicit gains.”

“The animal cruelty witnessed at these illegal cockfighting operations is matched only by the complicity and misconduct of local law enforcement,” said HFA National Director Bradley Miller. 

The ads started running Thursday in the Louisville Courier Journal and Friday in the Frankfort State Journal.
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