Cleaning services keeping everyone safe

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – We’ve talked a lot about the doctors and nurses saving lives through the pandemic, but what about the people cleaning and sanitizing?

“We’ve trained for this. We have policies and procedures in place, let get those out. Let’s get things implemented,” Enterprise Director of UK Healthcare Environmental Services Chase Giboney said.

When COVID-19 began to spread, Giboney said the environmental services department at UK hospital jumped into communicable disease mode.

“A full clean every day, usually in the morning and then they’ll receive an evening freshen,” Giboney said.

He said that’s going back over high touched areas, some public spaces can be cleaned three to twelve times a day.

The environmental services department has a little over four hundred employees working to keep patients, doctors, nurses, and visitors safe.

“While we’re not directly in there giving care, we’re not taking vitals, but we’re providing a clean environment. If someone were to come into a hospital and get an infection, I mean it’s one of any number of pathogens can cause illness and hurt your road to recovery,” Giboney said.

He said some of that is up to you. His teams can clean the hospital but you need to clean your home.

Owner of Top Mops Cleaning Maryann Miller said the pandemic has kept her employees busy.

“We’ve noticed with our customers, people are using their homes now than they ever have been and so that is a big change for us. They’re often home when we’re there. Just trying to follow our systems but be creative in the way that we can help clients have a more relaxed restful life even in the midst of all this,” Miller said.

She said her employees adapted to the major changes by adding in a hospital-grade disinfectant and PPE equipment to keep everyone healthy and safe.

It’s a lot of responsibility but just part of the job for Giboney, Miller and so many others.

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