National Weather Service to survey storm damage in Boyle County

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- As people continue to clean up storm damage in Boyle County, a survey team from the National Weather Service is scheduled to arrive Thursday to try to determine if the damage was caused by straight-line winds or a tornado.

Emergency management officials in Boyle County say Tuesday night’s storm caused severe damage to several structures, including a barn that was destroyed.  Pieces of the barn were scattered in a nearby pasture.

“We thought our house was leaving here. I’m telling you it was like a freight train,” says Joe Tamme, whose farm was damaged by the storm.

Tamme says in the decades he’s lived on the farm, not once has he had to go down to his basement to shelter from a storm until Tuesday night.

“We saw like you’d see on the weather channel out west somewhere, you’d see these little vortex. There were just like six or seven of them just spinning and then we realized hey, this thing could be bad and my wife said you know we ought to go to the basement,” says Tamme.

Tamme says he and his wife stayed in the basement for several minutes as the storm raged around them.

“Our whole house was shaking. I thought it was going to blow away,” says Tamme.

Luckily, Tamme says after the storm passed, he walked upstairs to find his house still standing, but things took a turn when he got in his truck to check on his neighbors.

“When we came down the road all this tin is laying everywhere and I’m thinking, holy cow, and then it was lightning still and we seen it wasn’t our new shop but it was four of the barns,” says Tamme.

He says four barns total were destroyed with pieces scattered across his farm.

“I have no idea whether it was a tornado or whatever, but this barn up here, you can’t see the front wall is there, but the rest of that barn is about gone and it didn’t do anything to this building. So it picked whatever it took off of that building up and over the top of that one and put it out here,” says Tamme.

Emergency officials hope to get most of the storm debris cleaned up before this weekend’s forecast snow.

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