Clay City clerk faces DUI charges, newspaper reports

POWELL COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Clay City clerk is facing several charges, including speeding and driving under the influence, according to the Clay City Times.

The newspaper reports Clerk Stacy Curtis was pulled over on October 21 after reportedly running a run light as she merged from Winchester Road onto an intersection in Clay City.

According to the paper, Curtis reached speeds over 100 mph on a ramp, and then merged onto the Mountain Parkway at the same speeds.

The paper, citing a police report, says an officer was able to catch up to Curtis and asked her to stop. After some time, the paper reports she turned her car off.

The newspaper reports the officer smelled alcohol as Curtis spoke and she wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

After the officer asked if she’d been drinking, the paper reports Curtis said she was the city clerk and instructed the officer to call the mayor and chief of police.

The paper reports Curtis finally admitted to drinking four Coors Lights and could not perform any sobriety tests.

According to the paper, when Curtis exited her car, she was unsteady on her feet, lost her balance several times, and took her shoes off.

Officers say Curtis refused to be arrested and had to be handcuffed, the paper reports. The report also says she cursed at officers and kicked their seats in the police cruiser.

The paper says officers searched her car and found beer, Fireball, and marijuana.

The report says Curtis refused a blood test at the police station and instead requested she be taken to Mt. Sterling Saint Joseph Hospital for the test. The report says after the blood test at the hospital, she was taken to jail in Montgomery County.

The newspaper reports Curtis was charged with Speeding; DUI; Possession of Marijuana; Failure to Wear a Seat Belt and other violations.

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