Woman mistakenly ends up on Fayette County’s ‘Most Wanted’ poster

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – There are mistakes and then there are really big mistakes.  A woman in central Kentucky was an innocent victim of a really big mistake when she was placed on Fayette County’s ‘Most Wanted’ poster, even though she had committed no crime.

Latisha Allen-Fulz considers herself a model citizen. She has two jobs. She’s a wife, mother and was even featured as a Hometown Hero for her work during the pandemic on a local radio station.

Then, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office released a photo of her on its ‘Most Wanted’ poster. The photo was nearly 10 years old. The person the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office was looking for has the same name, but a different birth month and year than Fulz.

She describes the moment she found out. “My phone started ringing. People were concerned. People were worried. You know something was going on with Tish because you all saw her face on a poster. But it wasn’t me,” Fulz said.

She got in contact with the sheriff’s office and barely slept.

“When I found out what the girl had done and what she’s charged with. That made me feel like I could have been a Breonna Taylor.”

Fulz was referring to the Louisville woman and EMT who was shot and killed while she slept in her apartment by Louisville Police during a drug-related no-knock search warrant.  Investigators say no drugs were found in Taylor’s apartment.  Her killing led to protests in Louisville and across the country, which included demands for change and racial justice.

ABC 36 News reached out to the Office of Fayette County Sheriff.  We received the following statement:

“The Office of Sheriff regrets that an employee mistakenly used an incorrect photo for another individual with the same name.  As soon as Ms. Allen notified this office, the post was removed.  The employee apologized to Ms. Allen.  With Ms. Allen’s permission and at her request, Sheriff Witt called Ms. Allen’s employer to acknowledge the mistake.  Ms. Allen’s employer acknowledged that Ms. Allen has remained and continues to be in good standing with her employment.

Fulz said the apology is fine, but it’s still not enough.

“Because who’s to say I’m the only one they’ve done this to and who’s to say if I don’t say something I will be the last.”

And when it comes to social media, she just wants some accountability.

“Check stuff before you actually post it and then when you share it on social media, make sure that everything you are sharing on social media is 100% true.  Now, that was false and you had to take it down. And I had to be the civilian who had to call with the correct information you should have already had.”

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