City of Lexington to start another wave of sewer line upgrades, some in neighborhoods

LEXINGTON, Ky. (ABC 36) Bob Baney has lived in Lexington’s Gardenside neighborhood for the past five years.

“We love the neighborhood. It’s very friendly, feels very safe, so that and the park is a big draw” said Baney.

The park, though loved by many, has had its fair share of issues.

Baney says the park overflows with water during bad rains.

“It’s not all the time, but you know, it’ll kind of you know, after a couple days it will fill up and then you’re like okay well the parks filled with water.”

But the City is looking to fix that problem as part of its 2021 sewer line upgrades through the ‘Consent Decree Remedial Measures Plan’.

“The whole idea here is to come in, take out the old pipe or replace the old pipe with a bigger, larger pipe, eliminate the leaks and also provide more capacity so it doesn’t overflow like it does now” said Charles Martin, Director of Water Quality.

Martin says the upgrades will happen to several sewers, located in Upper Cane Run, Wolf Run, Southeastern Hills, Liberty Road, New Circle and West Hickman.

“This one in particular behind is Wolf Run Trunk D&E and we’ve obviously already done A, B and C, which is downstream from here. This is roughly a 6 and a half million dollar project that’s going to start sometime in March of this year” added Martin.

Start times for each location are not known.

He says the Gardenside park construction will temporarily close the playground and will go through the basketball and tennis courts that will later be restored by the Parks and Recreation department.

“The construction will be very disruptive, but I think they understand it’s going to have to happen to finally end this sad occurrence of these things overflowing.”

However, it is construction that neighbors will deal with for around 18 months.

“I know that the park and whatever construction they need to do will come back even better in the end’ added Bob Baney.

For more information and a look at the plan click here.

Sewer line upgrade information starts on page 40.

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