City of Georgetown under voluntary water restrictions

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – People in Georgetown are being asked to voluntary restrict their water usage, as drought conditions continue in the state.

Georgetown Municipal Water and Sewer Service says extreme high temperatures and minimal precipitation in central Kentucky for the past three months have resulted in reduced water volume from Royal Spring, the main water source for Georgetown Municipal Water and Sewer. According to the water company, Royal Spring is only in operation approximately 50% of the time to allow it to recharge.

The company says it has had to increase the amount of daily water purchases from the Frankfort Plant Board and Kentucky American Water Company, which gets water from the Kentucky River Basin. Georgetown Municipal Water and Sewer says, while it doesn’t appear there will be any restrictions on the water purchases in the near future, if the current conditions continue, the volume of water that can be taken from Royal Spring and the Kentucky River Basin will have to decrease to allow both time to recharge.

In effort to be proactive, Georgetown Municipal Water and Sewer says it is issuing a Stage 1 Advisory, requesting all customers voluntarily restrict the amount of water they use.

The city isn’t requiring people to stop using water but water company general manager, Chase Azevedo says every drop is important.

“Let’s think really hard about continuing to water lawns, what we do with swimming pools, even down to turning that faucet on and off as quick as possible when we’re brushing our teeth or washing dishes. Let’s take a little bit shorter of a shower,” says Azevedo.

For more information about the request, click here.

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