Sunken boats pulled from Kentucky River during cleanup

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Kentucky River in Franklin County is cleaner thanks to the final phase of the Kentucky River clean up.

The City of Frankfort pulled 14 sunken boats out of the river, according to officials. Many of the boats had been there since the early 1980’s, according to authorities.

The director of Emergency Management in Frankfort says the clean up needed to happen. Tom Russell says some of the boats still had oil on them. The Kentucky River Authority entered into a contract with a dredge boat that helped clean from Carroll County-to-Anderson County.

The Emergency Management director says this is the first time abandoned vessels have ever been cleared from the water.

“If you leave your car on the side of the road somebody is going to come write a ticket, well on the river, unless it creates an environmental concern, there is no way to make somebody move a boat or take it out of the water, or anything like that. It’s not an eyesore anymore. You know, the Kentucky River is a wonderful tourist attraction and it runs right through the middle of Frankfort,” said Tom Russell.

Russell hopes Frankfort will come up with a local ordinance to prevent people from abandoning their boats.

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