‘Cinderella’s Closet’ makes special event even more special for Menifee students

MENIFEE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Schools across the state had to cancel prom last year because of the pandemic.

But in a sign normal may slowly be returning, those special events are coming back to the calendar.

And that means even more excitement at this time of year.

In Menifee County, the popular Cinderella’s Closet set up Tuesday to give girls a chance to pick out dresses, jewelry and shoes to make that special night even more special.

“I think it’s extremely important for us to be able to do it in the county because it gives them a sense of pride. Just talking to some of the girls in the high school as they are switching classes and stuff now that we are in person, these girls are super excited because prom is a big thing in such a small county where we’re at. It’s a highlight and we like to make it a community event,” said Youth Service Center Director Melanie Golden.

“I always really liked nude color dresses because people tell me that they look good on me so whenever I saw this it just looked really elegant, like I can imagine myself running in a field or something with it,” added sophomore Shelby Kash as she showed off the dress she’d picked out.

The items the girls picked were all free. The Menifee County High prom is May 1.

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