Church hosts fundraiser for Marco Shemwell’s family

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- People from the church 4-year-old Marco Shemwell attended hosted a fundraiser at the Kroger off Euclid Avenue Saturday to raise money for the Shemwell family.

Marco Shemwell died earlier this month after being hit by a car near Kroger Field on game day.

Family and friends from Calvary Christian Church in Clark County spent this Saturday in Lexington at the Kroger right near UK’s campus to raise money for the family of Marco Shemwell.

“Just very excited to get Marco’s name out there and his memory,” said Kate Allen, a member of Calvary Christian Church and one of the organizers of the fundraiser.

Shemwell died two weeks ago after being hit by a car near Kroger Field.

Police say the teen driver was drunk.

Those who knew Shemwell still have trouble talking about him.

But on this day friends are trying to turn the tears into laughter by hosting a tailgate-style fundraiser all to benefit Shemwell’s family

“This means so much not only to our church but also to the family and it really helps them because they need lots of support,” said Alexis Garza, a member of Calvary Christian Church.

In addition to raising money, the church also handed out little cards encouraging people to become organ donors like Shemwell.

“That’s something the family has been incredibly adamant on. He was able to save a lot of lives because they were able to do that,” said Allen.

Organizers say they aren’t focused on how much money they raise instead they’re just hoping to show the family that they care.

“I think it’ll bring them peace honesty., like bring them a closure. They know that everyone has their back,” said Addison Maynard, Shemwell’s neighbor.

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