Christian Mission Ebenezer sending thousands of donations, money to Ukraine

Chubaruk says they are looking to ship the first container to Poland next week, but donations are still being accepted

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – As people in Ukraine continue to try to escape the horrors of war, Christian Mission Ebenezer in Lexington is doing what it can to help those a world away.

“We have a couple teams in Ukraine in different ministries that are finding volunteers to bring food to these captive areas and at the same time bring people out and take them to the Poland border” said Alex Chubaruk.

The non-profit has 95 missionaries in Ukraine right now, helping those in need while putting their own lives at risk.

On Sunday, one of Christian Mission’s volunteers, who has worked with the organization for 20 years, was shot and killed while bringing supplies to the Ukrainian people. President of Christian Mission Ebenezer, Alex Chubaruk, says the man was helping in a green corridor area that was supposed to be a ceasefire zone.

While not providing the man’s name for his family’s safety, Chubaruk says the man leaves behind a wife and 12 children.

“It’s just heartbreaking and yeah we can send supplies to send money to the widow, to the kids, but there’s no way to comfort that situation, it is so hard” said Chubaruk.

Chubaruk also has his own family in Ukraine, aunts, uncles and cousins. One uncle is a bishop, who is staying in Ukraine to help refugees.

“The messages that I was able to send, I kept asking him what do I need to do to help you and all he is asking us to do is pray and say that this ends sooner than later.”

But Christian Mission is helping with more than just prayer. So far the group has sent 15,000 Ukrainian bibles to Romania, has raised more than $70,000 and counting and in just two weeks has collected more than 12,500 pounds of physical donations.

Chubaruk thanked the people of Lexington for the help.

“I’m just full-hearted thank you for what an amazing job you guys have done brought really great things clothing food, different other supplies, it’s amazing”

Chubaruk says they are looking to ship the first container to Poland next week, but donations are still being accepted.

He says items they’re accepting non-perishable food items, men, women and kids clothing, baby items like formula and diapers, candles, hats and gloves, sleeping bags and first aid supplies.

“Every time I get an email notification that more funds came in I praise God of what an amazing community that we live in here in Lexington” added Chubaruk.

The organization will be also be at the Ukrainian bake sale fundraiser, March 19th where donations can be dropped off.

Christian Mission’s Ebenezer has also partnered with Shop Local Kentucky for a t-shirt fundraiser for Ukraine Relief.

More information on how and where to donate can be found here.

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