UPDATE: Coroner identifies 11-year-old who drowned in Lexington Cemetery pond

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- The Fayette Co. coroner has identified the 11-year-old who drowned in a pond in Lexington Cemetery on Sunday.

According to the coroner, the victim is D’Shannon Davis.

Firefighters pulled Davis from the pond and attempted resuscitation, before taking him to UK Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.


8/7/16 11:19 p.m.

Cove Haven Cemetery Manager Ruth Anne Fields says she’s, “Disheartened and my prayers go out to the family of this incident.”

Fields has been the volunteer manager at Cove Haven cemetery just behind the Lexington Cemetery for twenty years.

She says, “These kids were looking for a grand time and I didn’t even know you could get up under that fence and came over to the Lexington Cemetery and this is what happens.”

Authorities say they believe three young kids of the ages five, eight, and eleven made their way into Cove Haven Cemetery through a cut away in the fencing on Ash Street after hours.  The eleven-year-old fell in the pond.  Police believe it’s the same pond a man died in last Sunday after also falling in.

Lexington Police Alienate Jackie Newman says, “The reports were that they were fishing, so somehow during that there was an accidental fall at this point it’s being investigated as accidental”

The eleven-year-old is in the hospital now with what officials at the time called life-threatening injuries. They say he was underwater in the seven to eight feet deep pond for a half an hour.

Major Matt Galati with the Lexington Fire Department says, “It’ll amaze you in drownings how long someone can be revived after that even if they were underwater for that long…As in any case we’re not giving up.”

Fields says she couldn’t imagine if the groundskeeper wasn’t out there mowing the kids wouldn’t have had anyone to call for help. She says people getting in the cemetery after hours has been a problem.

“We have a hard time because all of our gates are tore down. We just this past week had our iron gate mowed down by a drunk pedestrian that is in custody and I’m pleading out there for anybody to help us rebuild this.”

She pleads with parents the cemetery is not a playground.

Cove Haven Cemetery has a donation account set up in its name at the Bank of the Bluegrass for donations to help rebuild many of it’s fences that have been torn down.

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