Child Loses Thumb in Cement Mixer Accident

WINCHESTER, Ky – Imagine not having use of your thumbs.

These appendages help us hold things grab things and even help us do everyday tasks like tying our shoes.

For young Amarian Rawlings of Winchester, he’s having to relearn some of those basic skills after a traumatic accident.

Just like any other eight-year-old boy, Amarian loves playing video games, playing sports, and hanging with friends…but there’s one thing that separates him from other children.

In September Amarian was playing by a cement mixer near his house when an accident happened.

The active child lost his thumb.

Doctors weren’t able to save it, instead, Amarian has had a transplant of his index finger to replace the thumb.

While he can move it somewhat he still has a long way road ahead of him.

He needs to relearn basic things, like putting on a jacket.

His father tells ABC 36 that it raises lots of uncertainties, like going back to school.

“When he does get around kids even, in the beginning, he just felt like kids were staring at him and talking about him but he didn’t understand that they were just acknowledging that he was in an accident”,” says William Henry Rawlings IV, the father.

The family set up a Facebook group called “Climb”, to motivate not only amarian but also kids and parents who have dealt with physical trauma.

If you’d like to check out that page, click the link here.

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