Child Dragged By School Bus In Clark County

A 7-year old boy was dragged about 20-feet by a Clark County school bus after his clothing got caught in the door as he was getting off the bus, according to a report in the Winchester Sun.

The newspaper reported the incident happened Wednesday afternoon on Clintonville Road.

Investigators told the newspaper that the boy was being helped off the bus by a woman at a day care on Clintonville Road. 

The newspaper reported that the woman slipped and fell, which caused the child to stumble.  His coat got caught in the vehicle’s door. 

The bus driver thought the boy had cleared the door and that it was safe for her to drive forward, according to the report.

Clark County Sheriff’s deputies told the newspaper that the little boy was dragged 15-to-20 feet before the bus driver realized what had happened.

The newspaper reported that the child suffered minor injuries, including scrapes to his face. 

He was taken to UK Hospital as a precaution, according to the report.

The school district did not release the bus driver’s name.

Superintendent Paul Christy told the newspaper that standard procedure anytime a bus driver is involved in an incident is that the driver is taken off the bus, taken to the hospital for drug and alcohol tests and to be checked out physically.

Superintendent Christy told the newspaper that he didn’t think drugs or alcohol were a factor in the incident.

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