Chevy Chase Bounces Back After Recent Crime

Jarad McCargo pleaded not guilty in court to what police describe as a hit and run on Euclid Avenue.

Prosecutors said he was driving drunk this past September when he backed into the Beer Trappe critically injuring a man.

Some businesses in Chevy Chase said the Beer Trappe case is one of several incidents this year that’s bringing the area bad publicity.

Local businesses admit the Chevy Chase area hit a few bumps in the road but store owners say it is bouncing back.

A new shop, Country Club Prep, opened its doors Friday.

Despite some recent crime, the store said Chevy Chase is the only area it wanted to open.

About a half dozen new businesses have recently opened or are scheduled to open in the next few weeks.

Business owners said they’re coming together and they want shoppers to know Chevy Chase is safe.
 “When everyone comes together and is able to push past things, that’s really going to make everyone successful in the long run,” said Amanda Caldwell with Country Club Prep.

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