Chemical weapons in Kentucky expected to be destroyed by 2023

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – Back in the 1940’s, the United States manufactured stockpiles of chemical weapons in several sites around the country, including here in Kentucky. As part of an international treaty obligation signed along with several other countries, those weapons must be destroyed by 2023. An off site training center for the Bluegrass Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant is where that work is happening. Nerve agent rockets containing mustard and other deadly gases are being safely and efficiently destroyed. As of July 16, more than 28% of the original 523 tons of chemical agents have been destroyed in Kentucky. But experts in charge of the project say the sooner it’s all done, the better.

“This is very important not just to preserve the safety of the county and the commonwealth of Kentucky..But also on a world and global scale to be able to handle and destroy all these munitions so we can eradicate this threat across the world,” says Dr. Candace Coyle, the site project manager.

The team says once it’s in full production, Bluegrass plant workers are hoping to safely destroy 24 of the war heads per hour.

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