Chemical Leak Drill Held At Jacobson Park

Depending on the direction of the wind after a chemical leak from the Blue Grass Army Depot in Richmond, Fayette County may not be affected.

Instead, Jacobson Park in Lexington would serve an important role.

Families living in the affected area of the leak would be brought to or told to go to Jacobson Park.

The people who made contact with the chemical would be decontaminated at the park and then sent to nearby hospitals.

Multiple agencies practiced all aspects of the emergency response at the park Wednesday morning.

Students played the role of injured families who needed cared for and processed.

The drill is held each year and helps train officials for any nearby disaster.

Major Matt Galati from the Lexington Fire Department said, "It serves as a good training opportunity for any kind of large-scale incident where we try to find out what our strengths are, what our weaknesses are, and try to get just a little bit better every year."

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