Check out these wonderful recipes for a Basil Lime Mint Spring Cocktail and a Strawberry Mary Sangria from Wild Thyme with chef, Allison Davis!

Basil Lime Mint Spring Cocktail

2.5 oz Vodka

1 Lime-juiced

6 oz Sparkling Water

Cucumber Slices

Mint Simple Syrup

Fresh Basil


Pour the vodka, lime juice, and fresh basil in your drinking glass. Muddle together until the basil is aromatic. Pour the sparkling water and mint simple syrup to taste into your glass. Top with ice and garnish with cucumber slices. Enjoy!


Strawberry Mary Sangria

1 carton Strawberries

Sparkling White Wine

Strawberry Slices

Fresh Rosemary Garnish

Rosemary Simple Syrup

Muddle the strawberries in your serving pitcher. Pour the white wine in and stir to combine the muddled strawberries. Pour in the simple syrup to taste. Garnish with the strawberry slices and fresh rosemary.

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