‘Chalk the Walk’ raises awareness about suicide prevention

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – In Kentucky, the second leading cause of death for people 15-34 years old is suicide, according to local therapist, Katelyn Arvin.

Arvin is trying to change those numbers by raising awareness during suicide prevention week.

She started ‘Chalk the Walk’ and to participate you write a message with chalk letting people know they’re not alone.

Arvin’s goal is to create a ripple effect. It began at her workplace when she got chalk and her co-workers started writing. Then, Arvin and her team reached out to other businesses in hopes they would get involved.

“I want to start a conversation,” said Katelyn Arvin, Licensed Clinical Therapist.

Kaitlyn Bargo who’s an employee at the YMCA in Richmond saw a flyer for ‘Chalk the Walk’ and immediately wanted to get involved.

She wanted to be a part of it because she knows people who have committed suicide including a close friend’s father.

“It really hurt me to watch her go through that,” said Kaitlyn Bargo, Healthy Living Director at YMCA.

The message she wrote on the sidewalk was the suicide prevention hotline.

“It’s something to take action,” said Bargo.

Arvin shared statistics with ABC36 and says suicide is the second leading cause of death nationally among people aged 15-24.

Arvin adds that 75% of the 65-80 consultations they have a month in the emergency room at Baptist Health in Richmond are crisis suicide assessments.


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