Central Kentucky man receives second multiple sclerosis treatment

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — One central Kentucky man is receiving the second wave of what doctors are calling a revolutionary treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Donnie Thomas was first person to be treated with Lemtrada in Kentucky, one year ago.  He says since then, he hasn’t had any relapses.  “We actually planned a vacation this year. We haven’t been on vacation in ten years,” says Thomas.

In 2000, Thomas was 30 years old, happily married and the father of two daughters.  “One day after work I went to the driving range and hit some golf balls. I noticed the fingers on my hand started feeling funny,” says Thomas.

He says he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with MS. “The disease is progressive. I’ve had mobility issues, restless leg syndrome, foot drop,” says Thomas.

Thomas tried several medications over the years.  Finally, his neurologist Dr. Cary Twyman of KentyuckyOne Health Neurology Associates suggested he try Lemtrada. “You have to decide if whether you want the disease to do what it’s going to do to you or try something new, maybe a little riskier,” says Twyman.

Thomas says since his first infusion, the disease has not progressed.  He was recently given his second dose, three days consecutively.  Dr. Twyman says nurses will continue to check on Thomas’ health on a regular basis.

Thomas says he hopes the drug will help him stay healthy and consistent over time. “With any father, I want to walk my girls down the aisle. Hopefully I’ll be active with my grandchildren and still be around,” says Thomas.

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