CBD store owners watch as farm bill passes House and Senate

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ)- The farm bill now jut awaits President Trump’s signature.

It passed Wednesday in the House of Representatives.

When the Senate passed it Tuesday, Majority leader Mitch McConnell used a hemp pen to sign it.

He’s been a strong supporter of a provision in the bill that would legalize hemp for industrial purposes.

It has those already working in hemp in Kentucky, optimistic about growing business.

Three years ago Rachel Osland became the sole survivor of a car wreck that killed her fiance, two kids, and another driver.

She pushed on.

“I knew they’d…it was worth it,” Osland said.

While recovering from her personal tragedy, her partner Robert Matheny was experiencing his. His mom had cancer.

Desperately researching ways to help her, he found CBD, an extract from hemp some credit with helping treat everything from pain to depression.

Without much information out there about it, he tested it on Osland.

“It changed me,” Osland said.

Osland says she was able to stop taking the opioids she started after the crash.

She and Matheny wanted to share the good that came out of their tragedies so they opened KY CBD Farmacy, but they say it was more challenging than opening any other store.

“Lot of banks, lot of institutions don’t want to deal with it,” Osland said.

They hope the farm bill will make business easier by lifting some of restrictions.

“Should be able to help get this to more people, to get it to more patients,” Matheny said.

If the farm bill gets the President’s signature, it would legalize industrial hemp.

Proponents say it’ll make it easier for farmers to grow and sell it, and easier for researchers to study it.

“We want to make a generation that doesn’t feel comfortable with this, comfortable with this. We want them in here because they’re the ones who need the help the worst,” Matheny said.

Matheny says he also thinks hemp is a viable replacement for tobacco and will help grow Kentucky’s economy.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seems to agree.

He says the state brought in $16,000,000 last year in hemp product sales.

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