Catholic Action Center does last-minute prep for Thanksgiving community dinner

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Thanksgiving will be here in just a matter of hours and many people are doing a lot of last-minute preparations for family gatherings.

At the Catholic Action Center, people are getting ready for their community dinner.

Thursday evening, the tent outside will be filled with hundreds of people enjoying a Thanksgiving meal together.

Inside the Catholic Action Center, there are people working all through the night to make sure that everything is in place for Thursday’s meal.

Sean Randolph says he’s been cooking all his life. Now, he’s using his talent to help bring a true Thanksgiving meal to people who may not have one otherwise.

He says what the Catholic Action Center does inspires him.

“I cook a lot of times in this kitchen here and it’s just nothing but joy and happiness,” said Randolph. “It’s unexplainable and I can’t put it into words, but people just… I haven’t seen hearts like this in any other state for a long time.”

Catholic Action Center Director Ginny Ramsey says this is the 22nd year for the meal.

It’s a tradition she loves because it brings people, from all walks of life, together.

“It’s always a joyful time,” said Ramsey. “I mean, to see people come together and it doesn’t matter where they’re from. It doesn’t matter if they’re homed or homeless. It doesn’t matter if they’re churched or unchurched. They’re simply community.”

The meal starts at five Thursday night at the Catholic Action Center. The center will also be handing out free winter clothing and blankets during the meal.

Ramsey says everyone in the community is welcome.

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