Car thefts in Lexington spike this summer

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)-Just two years ago Cory Hunt says his girlfriend at the time spotted thieves breaking into his car.

Hunt says, “She actually caught them mid act, inside my door…rummaging around in my car,and as soon as she saw them he ran, bolted.”

The men ran off with his i-Pod and the brand new radio he installed himself.

Cory says “It wasn’t like an expensive thing or anything so I did it myself, so it was a blow to my ego.”

Lexington Police say car break-ins like Cory’s are down over the past three months just slightly compared to last year, but still at a high rate.

But what’s most worrisome is how many more cars have been stolen this year.

Lexington Police Sergeant Eric McCrickard says, “It’s two crimes in Fayette County that probably occur the most, that are preventable. And it’s preventable by keeping keys out of your car and keeping your doors locked.”

In the last three months 262 cars were stolen compared to 166 this time last year. And in the last month alone more than twice as many cars were stolen, compared to last September. And about half of those cars had the keys inside.

Police say thieves are getting away with it by car-hopping from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Sergeant McCrickard says, “Sometimes they don’t necessarily look for an item in the car, other than the keys in the car. They’ll take that car and then drive it somewhere else and repeat the process in a new area, looking for another car. So a lot of times we’ll find stolen cars in areas where there’s recently been larcenies from auto.”

Police say to never keep a spare key in the glove box, especially with the newer models that don’t lock if there’s a key inside, and to store your valuables out of sight in the trunk.

Cry says his car was locked, but after the break-in he’s more careful than ever.

“Since then I honestly lock my door. I listen to it and then I lock it again. And then after I walk about twenty feet, then I lock it again.”

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