Car Explosion Catches Firefighter’s House On Fire

The family of the Richmond firefighter said he was working on his car when it exploded.  

"He turned around to grab something when it blew up," said Donna Jimenez, the firefighter’s mother.  "If he hadn’t have turned around it would have got him too, and he would’ve got severely hurt."

Firefighters said the car was pulled partially into the garage, so it caught on fire.  That spread to the attic and then the rest of the house. 

"He is very shook up–him and his wife both is. His wife just now came up and seen it.  She’s really tore up about it," said Jimenez.

Both Richmond and Madison County crews were fighting both the fire and the heat.

"It is rough out here.  We finally got a bit of a breeze out here and the sun went in.  Ya it’s hot.  Everybody is some dehydrated.  They go in for 15 minutes and then come out.  In heat like this, it’s a big battle," said Jim Cox, Madison County Fire Chief.

Madison County Fire will investigate just how the car explosion happened. The fire chief said he has a good idea of what happened but did not want to say just yet. 

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