Car crashes into Winchester home

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WTVQ) – A home in Winchester is damaged after a car crashed into it’s front porch Saturday night.

According to the Clark County Fire Department, the driver lost control in a sharp curve on Log Lick Road. They say he hit another car and flipped off the road, into the house.

The Fire Department says the driver was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Homeowner Glenda Brown says this isn’t the first wreck she’s seen outside her house.

Brown says she’s lived in the house since 1986. Since then, she says she’s seen between 25 and 30 wrecks in the curve in front of her home, with the latest one flipping right onto her front porch.

“I jumped up and ran to the door, turned my front porch light on, tried to open my door because I saw tires in my door and tried to open my door and couldn’t get it open,” said Brown.

Brown says though this wreck wasn’t fatal, she’s scared the next may not turn out so well for her or for the driver. That’s why she says she’s going to the State to ask they do something to slow people down.

“I doubt they’ll take the curve out, but if they put up a guardrail all the way around, that would satisfy me,” said Brown.

She tells ABC 36 she had to put the guardrail that’s in front of her house there on her own. Now, she’s calling on the State to step up and help.

Brown explains many people drive too fast around the curve because they think they know the road, so they don’t use as much caution as those unfamiliar with the area.

“People that live here fly around this curve,” said Brown. “I mean, I hear it day-in and day-out, just the squealing of the tires where they’re trying to catch themselves.”

Brown urges people to take it easy on Log Lick Road for their safety, and hers.



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