Capitol rally pressures Cameron to prosecute three officers involved with Breonna Taylor’s death

FRANKFORT, KY (WTVQ)- The eyes of the country are on the state capitol in Frankfort. Hundreds gathered to pressure Kentucky’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron to charge the Louisville police officers, who shot and killed Louisville EMT Breonna Taylor, while executing a no-knock search warrant.

The rally was helped funded by rap artist Jay-Z and featured celebrities like Common, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Trae tha Truth, local leaders and even the families of Atatiana Jefferson and Ahmaud Arbery.

Breonna’s mother, Tamika Palmer, and her boyfriend, Kenny Walker, also spoke during Thursday’s rally, even putting a sign in the Capitol Lawn demanding justice.

“I’ve got one for the Attorney General. I didn’t forget him,” said Palmer.”They need to remember their job everyday.”

“We are here to send a strong and loud message to the Attorney General to move swiftly or get out of the way,” said Attica Scott, 41st District House of Representative.

Palmer said the sign is also a reminder of why so many people are protesting racial injustice.

“Know that Breonna’s life mattered. Y’all being out here showing your support shows that her life mattered. We’re not done until they know that her life mattered,” said Palmer.

“No-knock warrants have got to, sure. Police brutality has got to go, sure. Qualified immunity has to go, sure. Those officers need to be arrested sure they do, but we need to make sure that we’re getting to the root cause of why this stuff even happens to begin with,” said Charles Booker, 43rd District House of Representative.

Attorney General Cameron said he wouldn’t put a timetable on his investigation and that he will find the truth and do what it is right. However, for those at the rally, they said everyone knows what is the right thing to do, including Muhammad Ali’s cousin.

“Don’t you be on the wrong side of history. Don’t you stay on the wrong side of history,” said Sean Ali-Waddell. “When your black mamma and grandmama and family sent you to school to do something, it was for your community, so don’t let a few little cheap friendships and concessions from your 400 year-old slave master make you bow down.”


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – A rally seeking justice for the death of EMT Breonna Taylor at the hands of police is set Thursday morning in Frankfort.

Artists, athletes and influencers are encouraged to join activist group ‘Until Freedom’ and ‘Black Lives Matter Louisville’.

The group says they’re calling for criminal charges against all police officers involved and not just job terminations.

Louisville Police Officer Brett Hankison, accused of shooting and killing Taylor, is now appealing to the city’s police merit board. Hankison’s lawyer calls his termination “a cowardly political act” that was “not justified.”

Hankison, one of three officers involved in Taylor’s death, was fired for violating procedures.

According to his termination letter, Hankison “blindly fired” 10 rounds into Taylor’s apartment while executing a narcotics search warrant. The appeal says Hankison did not “blindly” fire, but “acted in quick response to the gunfire directed at himself and other officers.”

The rally is scheduled for 11 a.m. in Frankfort at the Kentucky State Capitol.

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