Canceled, delayed flights continue at Blue Grass Airport

Close to 5,000 flights canceled across the country

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A major winter storm that hit Kentucky on Thursday continues to impact travelers.

While a majority of flights out of the airport departed Friday, some travelers were still having a rough time getting to their destinations.

“Our little flight, we should have been there at 9:30 this morning in the sunshine, but it’s going to be sometime tomorrow, I hope,” said traveler Dave Aldridge.

Aldridge and his wife were on their way to Miami. After multiple flight cancellations out of Cincinnati, a flight out of Lexington was finally scheduled, only to be delayed again until late Friday evening.

“You know, everything is shut down,” Aldridge said. “I mean, I understand safety. You can’t fly an airplane with ice all over. And the runways have been garbage.”

The Aldridges aren’t the only ones. Other travelers, like Lisa Hill, are also seeing delays.

“So far, it’s been okay,” Hill said. “We’ve been watching the flight status all day. We did experience a little bit of issues we’re looking at right now as far as where our plane that arrives is supposed to come from.”

At Blue Grass Airport (BGA), at least a dozen flights, to and from Lexington, have been canceled for Friday. At least five flights were delayed. Thursday, every afternoon and evening flight in and out of BGA was canceled.

Hill encourages other flyers to be patient.

“It’s easily expected,” Hill said. “Especially this time of year and everything that’s going on. And sit back, relax, and we’ve got some great bourbon up there so we can definitely just pass the time.”

Aldridge is hoping the sun will shine brighter once he gets to his destination.

“What do you do? I wanna go on vacation, i wanna get out of this cold is what i want to do. So we’re doing all we can. I was pretty close to just giving up. But we’re gonna do what we can and we’ll get there,” Aldridge said.

It’s a similar situation across the country. According to FlightAware, the live tracking flight website, close to 5,000 flights were canceled across the U.S. on Friday with more than 6,000 delayed.

Those flying out of BGA should check the flight status HERE before heading to the airport.



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