Campbellsville man arrested after standoff

CAMPBELLSBILLE, Ky. (WTVQ)-An elderly man armed with a gun threatens to kill someone.

The Campbellesville Police Department received a call from a concerned citizen who say she had spoken to 78 year-old Elwin Hardin.

Hardin reportedly claimed he was armed with a .357 magnum and was going to kill someone.

Officers responded to Hardin’s residence at 115 Durrett Street where they attempted to make contact with him over intercom and via phone; they were unsuccessful in their attempts.

Kentucky State Police and the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office sent backup to the scene while officers were trying to contact Hardin.

Hardin answered the phone once to tell officers, “[he was] not coming out coming out but for officers to come to the door [he] had a surprise for all of them.”

Hardin did come to the front door briefly with a pistol in his hand, then closed the door.

Officers on scene were able to contact a family member in Marion County who was willing to come to the scene.

The family member was brought to Durrett Street and was able to talk Hardin into coming out without the gun.

Hardin came out with the gun still in hand.

Officers used a taser to incapacitate Hardin and take him into custody.

Hardin was taken to Taylor County Regional Hospital for medical clearance.

He has been charged with convicted felon in possession of a handgun, menacing, and terroristic threatening.

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