Campaign TV costs released, Democrats outspending Republicans

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Numbers released by the Center for Public Integrity point to Kentucky Democrats as leading Republicans in the category of money spent on TV ads.

If you guessed the two candidates leading their parties in spending as Matt Bevin and Jack Conway, you wouldn’t be wrong. The Center says the two combine for nearly $4.5 million with Conway leading his opponent by $1.5 million.

There’s always been a question though as to if those ads really benefit the candidate. UK Political Science professor, Dr. Stephen Voss says, maybe not.

“When ads get nasty, sometimes what they do is they cause people not to want to vote. I mean, if I’m a democrat and you attack Jack Conway; if I’m a republican and you attack Matt Bevin, if I decide not to vote for my candidate, I’m not going to vote for the other one; I’ll stay home. And when you’re dealing with a low turnout election, that’s what you worry about is that negative advertising will get people to not be motivated to vote at all.”

Nasty is how the ads from Conway and Bevin have gotten, according to many folks enjoying the last ‘Thursday Night Live’ downtown. Most of them say the ads mean nothing in terms of who they vote for.

“An attack has to be realistic, it has to be about something voters really care about, that they think speaks to the job that the politician would do if they want office,” says Voss.

According to the Center for Public Integrity, Kentucky voters have seen more than 18,500 Democratic ads and just under 12,000 Republican ads.

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